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Energetic & Emotional Support 
Before and Beyond Bereavement 

Do you feel like there’s more? Want to understand what’s happening? Wish you could control the connection you feel? Or want to know what questions you should be asking? 

I can help you understand the messages and experiences you are having and enhance your spiritual experiences. 

We can work together to interpret your spiritual connection and strengthen it. Your guides are here to help you and they are reaching out to give you messages and support. My job is to help you understand the information you’re being given, but also to control your gift so you can embrace it, rather than avoid or even dread it. 

How can I help? 

What if you could strengthen that connection you’re noticing? Develop your talents so your understanding becomes clearer? 

Come and work with me for 8 weeks and I will work with you to make that happen. 
We work together online, in a supportive Facebook group, filled with other people who are also on a similar path to you. I will show you a range of techniques that will help you connect with your guides, interpret the information they’re giving you, and be able to ground yourself and control when you receive the information. This is a powerful 8 weeks together. You will have the time to explore and practice your skills and by the end, you will understand what you’ve been experiencing, know what messages you’re receiving and feel in control of your gift. I’ve always had my spiritual gifts, I just didn’t understand what they were and fought hard to ignore them, as lots of us do. Strange things happened to me all the time and I never understood why. It was scary, especially when I was really small, but now, it all makes perfect sense. Spirit was desperately trying to get me to listen, I just wasn’t ready to hear them. 
I’ve been talking to Spirit for over 40 years now, and it’s helped me in so many ways. Now I use that experience and guidance to support my students and the families I work with. I’d love to use that experience to support you as well. 
I understand that connecting with the Spirit World can be scary, confusing, and sometimes just plain weird. Trust me, I’ve experienced all those feelings as well. But you’ve found this website for a reason. You’re here so I can help you make sense of those experiences and create a connection with your Guides that you’re comfortable with. 
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