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Energetic & Emotional Support 
Before and Beyond Bereavement 

I'm so sorry that you find yourself in this position, and my heart goes out to you. 

However, I'd like to congratulate you on being proactive and seeking help at a time that's really stressful for you. 

My aim with End of Life Planning and Soul Transition is for you or your loved one to have the death that is right for you/them. T's crossed and I's dotted, wishes met, regrets released, memories made, forgiveness given, anxieties calmed, I love you said often. All of them finally followed by a safe, whole, gentle and complete Soul Transition. 

End-of-life support can be beneficial for you and them. 

Watching them slip away, knowing they are about to pass on from this earthly world, which I call their Soul Transition, and worrying about them taking the next step. No matter how connected you are to your Guides, losing a loved one is a difficult process to go through – for you and them. After losing my own dad recently, I know how difficult it can be. I have helped many people make their Soul Transition, either through natural aging or terminal illness, and I've been called to offer this service. I can work with you, your family, and the person who is ill to help them transition with ease. I won’t take away the pain of that person not being physically there anymore, but it’s a powerful tool to help you see the beauty in their End of Life transition. Maybe they are afraid, or perhaps they are experiencing more, or stronger, Spiritual signs and connections or want to understand more about transitioning and what actually happens. 

Whatever your reason for looking for this help and support, you’re in the right place. 

This End of Life service is bespoke and based on your or your loved one’s needs. It's important to note that this is non-medical, non-religious support. I can support you/them while you/they begin to accept the diagnosis and End of Life plan. I can be someone independent to talk to, who isn’t family. 
I can help you or your loved one make memories, make peace with the past and embrace the next step of their soul’s journey. I can work with you/them energetically, even if you/they lose the ability to communicate. 
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