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Energetic & Emotional Support 
Before and Beyond Bereavement 

When someone we care about leaves us, it can feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. 

I invite you to share the memories of your loved ones with me. 

Let's talk about them, and reminisce about the moments that brought laughter, joy, and even tears. As we talk more about them, their energy vibration lightens and they can guide and support us from Spirit. Our connection with them deepens, and our grief finds a less stilted and more expressive release. 
When a loved one passes, there is an initial outpouring of love and support. But as time passes, people return to their routines and may avoid talking about your loved one, not wanting to upset you. I understand the awkwardness of navigating conversations about loss. 
As time passes, the need to share memories and experiences may grow stronger, yet finding someone who truly listens and understands can be challenging. I want to be that listening ear for you. Share with me the stories that bring a smile to your face, the moments that define your loved one in your heart. 
I am here to listen without judgment, to provide a space for you to be self-indulgent in your memories. Let's celebrate the life of your loved one together. Share with me, and let their spirit shine through our conversations. 
To the left is one of my favourite pictures of my Dad and I. Maybe not the best quality but I have the best memory of this photo. A really special Dad/daughter moment.  

How can I help? 

You can share your memories with me and get to know your grief.  

'And still, They Live' is available in two options 
The lighter touch option is for us to be Penpals over a 12-month period. There is something so cathartic about taking pen to paper and allowing the deeper connection with the words and allowing the memories to flow freely. Sharing the memories of your loved one via Snail Mail (aka the postal system) as often as you feel called to do so, popping it in the postbox to me and in doing so, sending healing energies to those in Spirit. I'll send you the pen, paper & envelopes (pre addressed) so all that's required of you is carving out time in your diary to share your memories.  
This service is £498 for the 12 months with options to pay monthly, quarterly or in full, whichever suits your circumstances best. 
If you feel that you would like more support with getting to know your grief, the second option includes Deep Structure Soul Coaching. We'll still be Penpals, and you'll still share through writing. Each month you'll have the opportunity to share your memories in conversation, with no awkwardness or subject changes. If you feel like your grief is keeping you stuck, and everyone around you is moving on, then we can explore the why and what it means together, helping you to move forward. 
This service is £2499 for the 12 months with options to pay monthly, quarterly or in full, whichever suits your circumstances best.  
I offer a free 15 minute call with all of my services to ensure that we are both right for each other, please use the button below to book your free call. You can purchase either option without the call, the buttons below are for the monthly payment options. 
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