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Energetic & Emotional Support 
Before and Beyond Bereavement 

Ancestral Healing 

Jen makes it simple and easy to understand what Ancestral Healing is for you. She communicates clearly what is expected of you during your sessions. She helps you understand your role in healing your Ancestors. Jen is absolutely AMAZING!!! She has helped me clear some really old Ancestral wounds. I have been able to help heal not only my Ancestors that have passed on also my Mom and Aunt. I have seen many changes in them as I've been working with Jen. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to truly do Ancestral Healing to work with Jen. She has an incredible gift like no one else. She has helped me heal more than my Ancestors also myself. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, Ancestral Healing is based on energy and vibration so you could be on the moon and it would still work! 
TMS - Utah, USA 
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